Terms & Conditions

Here are the key things you need to know when booking Nottingham conferences at Trent Vineyard Conferencing.

Booking Form

Once you have confirmed your booking, we'll send you a booking form and our standard terms and conditions. We ask that you sign the booking form and return it to us as quickly as you can. Once this is done the room is officially yours.


We usually charge a non-refundable deposit of 10% when your total hire cost is over approx £2,000.

Payment Terms

We will invoice you the Monday after your conference and ask for payment within 14 days.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy reflects the amount of work that goes into preparing for your event in advance and the opportunity cost to us of not having had the room available to hire out to another client.

We have reviewed our cancellation policy to make sure it’s fair and more advantageous to you than you might otherwise receive elsewhere.

Written Notice Received by Us
(Working days before the event)

Amount Payable by You

Auditorium events – up to 20 working days


More than 5 days

£50 (Standard cancellation admin fee)

Up to 5 days

20% (of the total event costs)

Within 48 Hours

100% (of the total event costs)

Terms and Conditions of Hire

The full Terms and Conditions of Hire for Nottingham conferences at the Trent Vineyard Conferencing are available for download